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The Woodlawn Neighorhood Association is one of several neighborhood associations located in the city of Schenectady in New York State

The Woodlawn Neighborhood association is a 501(c)(4), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization


Mission: The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association is devoted to the promotion of the social welfare of the Woodlawn community.  It acts to provide improved quality of life and engagement within the community to foster a sense of pride in the neighborhood.  It accomplishes this undertaking through charitable, educational, and recreational means.


Actions: The neighborhood association offers monthly meetings to it neighbors, hosts community events throughout the year, provides bimonthly community newsletters, advocates for improved public services and utilities, and operates to promote the area's recreational resources.


All donations and earnings are devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, and recreational purposes


The Woodlawn Neighborhood Assocation's leadership is comprised of the following officers and committees:

President ~ Ed Kosiur  /  
Vice President ~ Lou Grasso  /  Treasurer ~ Chad Putman  /  Secretary ~ Rose Harrell


Woodlawn Connection Newsletter ~ Open  /  Woodlawn Park ~ Spero Zoulas  /  Woodlawn Preserve ~ Janet Chen  /  Annual Garage Sale ~ Ed Kosiur  / Woodlawn Connection Advertisements ~ Ed Kosiur  /  Social/Refreshments ~ Rita Figler / Welcoming ~ Camy Wyckoff  /  Website ~ Spero Zoulas  

Woodlawn Neighborhood
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