A message concerning the Coronavirus Outbreak


At this time, the park is not accepting donations of items for our Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser

Park Notice - All city parks in the City of Schenectady...March 27, 2020:

Please be advised that the City of Schenectady, in coordination with the police department, has gone around to all city parks and taped off playground/park equipment and temporarily took down basketball hoops and swings. Woodlawn Park has notification signs posted regarding this temporary measure. While this is a sad moment for the community, the city is exercising an abundance of caution in accordance with recommendations issued by the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation to help stamp down the spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

We apologize for the inconvenience this brings, but want to alert the Woodlawn community to please be safe and practice social distancing if you are outside. As soon as we become aware that these measures are no longer required, we will gladly work to re-install swings, hoops and open things back up!

Please read the following Press Release from the Mayor's Office

Dear Friends:


“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” - C.S. Lewis


With the ever-changing status of our world, we need to face those challenges while appreciating that change, at times, can be unfamiliar and startling. With the outbreak of COVID-19, our daily lives can now be a bit unnerving. Like navigating those monkey bars during this uncertain time, we want to convey our support and keep our children, families and community safe during this unprecedented moment in history.


Please keep our neighbors, and each other, in mind. Keep an eye on each other as best as possible. Take stock in what you have and appreciate your friends and family – keep in contact through Facetime, free video conferencing aps, and social media. Exercise, but keep social distancing in mind, and wave and say hi to your neighbors.


There is a wealth of information on the COVID-19 virus, and this can seem overwhelming at times. Please rely on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the New York State websites for the latest information on the virus, resources, and managing expectations:






While this time can be challenging, let the goodwill of our community remain constant. Help your neighbors and support our local businesses and service providers as we strive to move forward.

During this time, our Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee remains committed to our mission of the redevelopment and revitalization of Woodlawn Park. We will continue to plan for the 2020 season and beyond! And, we will continue to monitor the situation to do our best to safely serve the Woodlawn Community.


In the interim, we advise residents not utilize the park for gatherings or family events and take the necessary extra precautions to stay healthy and safe. Below are two articles regarding the use of playgrounds and parks during this time:





If you do choose to go outside for any activity, please exercise caution and practice social distancing and do not engage in any activity which breaks the protocols of social distancing.


We want to do our part to protect friends and neighbors. Keeping this in mind, our committee is suspending donations from the community for the upcoming Annual Garage Sale event. We will continue to assess for this, as well as potentially postponing the sale for a later date, as we receive updates from city, state and federal officials. We will continue to complete some of our identified 2020 projects as protocols permit. And, we will assess for our Annual Spring Cleanup Day which may have to be postponed or closed to the community. In the meantime, please go to our facebook page for the latest announcements and updates.


Our commitment to the Woodlawn Community remains the same, yet we are adjusting to meet the times. Please be safe and be assured that we are committed to continuing our work!




Spero Zoulas, Chair

Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee




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