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Attend our monthly meetings and learn about the exciting work we are doing in Woodlawn. 

Meet local leaders and learn about current city of Schenectady business.

Visit with neighbors and learn about community resources and networks.

The Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee is devoted to improving and redeveloping our local Woodlawn Park.

To learn more, check out the Woodlawn Park subpage...

The Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve group is devoted to making the Woodlawn Preserve a great resource for all to enjoy.


To learn more check out the Woodlawn Preserve subpage...


Woodlawn Annual Community Garage Sale

A signature event of Woodlawn! Residents in all of Woodlawn hold garage sales at their homes, and people throughout the capital district come out to get some great finds and deals.  Permits are purchased through the neighborhood association and those proceeds benefit Woodlawn community.

Woodlawn Summer Barbeque

​An annual event (now at Woodlawn Park), residents of Woodlawn gather to eat good food, take a chance to win great raffle prizes, play, and meet with neighbors and local leaders. Cookout is held in August.

Join our Email/Mailing List

The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association is starting a E-mail/Mailing list to keep residents informed about events and other happenings in the neighborhood. If you are interested please send us a message via our Woodlawn-Neighborhood-Association-Schenectady facebook page or E-mail us at info@


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