In reverse chronological order - the major phases of redevelopment progress since 2011

2019 ~ Splash Pad Initiative in Action

Thank You to The Schenectady Foundation and its Thriving Neighborhood Initiative which made this project possible!

Project also made possible through grants from The Wright Family Foundation, The Carlilian Foundation, and The William Gundry Broughton Foundation, the In-Kind services from The City of Schenectady and ReTree Schenectady, Funding through the Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Fund, and Fiscal Support from The Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve.

Contracting services through Parkitects, BradManz Landscaping, and LAndArt Studio.

Kids playing in new splash pad.jpg
Splash Pad Sign.Final Version.jpg

2016 ~ Recreational & Inclusive Park Redevelopment Initiative in Action

Project possible through grants from The Carlilian Foundation, The Wright Family Foundation & Anonymous Woodlawn Donor!

In 2016, the Carlilian and Wright Family Foundations each provided a grant towards our park's Recreational & Inclusive project which incorporated the installation of a new exercise area, a repaved basketball court, new fencing and privacy screening, and handicap accessible ramps to make our park more inclusive to all who visit. Funding was also provided by an anonymous philanthropic donor who grew up in Woodlawn. The purpose of the project was to provide more varied recreational options to meet the

community need for healthy living while addressing a broad range of ages and abilities.


2015 ~ Playground Build Initiative in Action

Thank You to The City of Schenectady and Schenectady East Rotary. This project was made possible in

conjunction with the Woodlawn Park Development Committee's Fund-raised dollars!

In November of 2015, the Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee holds a community playground build day. For the first time in many years, the park sees a major overhaul to its site amenities! Installation of the new Miracle playground equipment was overseen by Pettinelli Recreation, and the new offering provides a broad range of play options for toddlers and children.


2015 - 16 ~ Trustco Bank Partnership in Action

Having heard about the community-led redevelopment efforts at Woodlawn Park, Trustco Bank offers

its support over a three year period to bring improvements to the park from 2015-2016!

Initially offering to provide support with some site furnishings (addition of garbage receptacles, benches, grills and picnic tables),

Trustco Bank soon realizes the dedicated commitment of this transformative, community-led, redevelopment effort at the park.

The following year, as the redevelopment committee prepares to bring a whole new playground to the park, they partner with the group to fund the redevelopment of the common area with a Beach-Sand Volleyball Court and having the last remnants of graffiti removed from the concrete behind the park building. Later, in 2016, they step in again in partnership with

the City of Schenectady to repave the parking lot at the park!


2014 - 2015 ~ Park Entrance Transformation in Action

Entirely funded through donations and event fund-raised dollars from the community, the park's entrance gets a much

needed makeover! Volunteers of the Woodlawn Park Redevelopment group were hard at work to make it all happen!

Over the course of Spring, 2014 through the Summer of 2015, the Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee consults with the City of Schenectady to install a Sign along Kings Road - the new sign is a first for the park, making it more of a landmark to welcome visitors. The park committee also worked to install a new black metal fence, clearing out years of brush and replacing the old and tattered wire fencing along the entrance way. Later in 2015, new Arbors were added along the entrance

way bringing more flare and welcoming signage as visitors stroll in.


2014 ~ New Pavilion is Erected

Park building Undergoes a Minor Readjustment!

A year after the city helps to transform the parks footprint, its Office if General Services comes back to tear out the old girl's old changing area - an exterior bump out from their shower and bathroom - to set the stage for a new pavilion area. In a coordinated effort, the demo, steel-work, concrete and labor was addressed by the city and the wood material, doors and hardware was provided by the park's redevelopment committee. The  pavilion currently is the site for many children's birthday parties.  


2013 ~ New Planter Beds, Benching, and Area of Reflection Incorporated into Park

(A New Beginning of Park's Transformation - Part II)

The community comes together after park begins its transformation!

After the preparation of the park site (see Part I below), residents worked to install new planter beds, benches and create The Area of Reflection with the help of ReTree Schenectady! The new beds are installed in front of what was once the kiddie pool area and the current basketball court. Benching is added as well in front of and adjacent to the basketball court and encompasses The Area of Reflection. The Area of Reflection is the park's first major redevelopment outcome which honors the significant contributions of local neighbors who have passed, including park committee member, Courtney Erickson, who passed that summer.

Prep Day3.jpg

2013 ~ Non-Viable Pools Filled In & Internal Fencing Comes Down

(A New Beginning of Park's Transformation - Part I)

With the help of the City of Schenectady's Department of General Services, the park opens up after non-viable pools get filled in and all the internal fencing, which used to surround the old pools and basketball court, is taken down. Afterwards, the volunteers of the Woodlawn Park Redevelopment group came in to begin the work of the park's transformation!

Staring in June of 2013, Woodlawn Park begins its transformation. In coordination with the City of Schenectady, the redevelopment committee adopts its plan to open the park up! As part of its major initiative to make the park more accessible and safer, this work allowed for the provision of a clear line of sight into the entire park and soon brings in more park visitors! Once this phase of work was completed, new planter beds and benching were installed and The Area of Reflection is incorporated to what was once the kiddie pool area, bringing the first major redevelopment work to the park since its inception!


2011 - 2012 ~ The Reformation Begins!!

(Before the Vision - Part II)

Woodlawn residents gather to clean up a forgotten park. Beginning with a few clean up events, neighbors begin to sense what can transpire with a little stick-to-itiveness and community momentum.

Soon after, the workings of a vision is created, and The Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee is formed!

In the Spring of 2011, the first of many cleanups begin at Woodlawn Park! Many hours of raking and clearing brush from a decade of growth are conducted. Undertaking the laborious effort to clear years of vine growth in the fencing, people sense a momentum as the city starts to take notice of the grass-roots effort! Soon after, volunteers form a working committee and in partnership with the County to help fund an architectural concept plan for the park's redevelopment, the committee works alongside the city to reform the park!

2011 ~ The Reformation Begins!!

(Before the Vision - Part I)

Concerned about its neighboring park, a couple of neighbors tour the forgotten park.

11 years after the park's pool closure, the abandoned Woodlawn Park had become neglected and fraught with disrepair.

Taken on April 3, 2011 during an initial tour of the park, these pictures depict what can happen when a site loses its support and continued attention. With limited city resources, the once bustling site becomes a shell of itself.

It quickly became apparent that it was time to reclaim the neighborhood park and begin the process of its reformation!

Woodlawn Park-Kings 010.JPG
Woodlawn Park-Kings 012.JPG
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Woodlawn Park-Kings 020.JPG