Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project


There is an upcoming wildlife habitat restoration project within the Woodlawn Preserve section of the Schenectady Pine Barren Preserve that is scheduled to begin in January of 2020 and continue through 2024.  This management project will restore globally rare Pitch Pine Scrub Oak Barrens, improve the health and resilience of the Pine Barren landscape, and restore part of the City of Schenectady’s natural history.


With fewer than 20 places like the Albany Pine Bush and the Schenectady Pine Barrens Preserve on earth, this project will improve habitat for rare wildlife while preserving the Barrens for future generations to enjoy. Our end goal is to restore the pine barrens habitat to what it once was as well as reintroducing the federally endangered Karner Blue and Frosted Elfin butterflies into the Schenectady Pine Barrens Preserve, along with aiding in the conservation of numerous other rare species.


First, in late 2019 or early 2020, trees to remain will be marked with paint for preservation in 2020. Unmarked trees will then be removed.  Tree removal is scheduled to occur during the winters of 2020 - 2021 depending on the contractor’s schedule. Finally, the stumps will be removed and the site will be prepared for spring planting with native grasses and wildflowers.  The gated entrance on Maryvale Ave will see the most activity during this tree removal phase. There will be signage at the trail entrances and another area within the Preserve explaining what is being done.  


For public safety the upper dune trails (red trails) will be CLOSED while these restoration activities are taking place during tree removal. Please be assured that no trees will be cut within a 50 foot buffer of adjacent properties.


We will keep everyone posted as to what the next phases will be in the restoration timeline on our websites, Facebook page, Woodlawn Connection newsletter, email notifications, and monthly meetings.  


Any questions or concerns you many have please contact Janet Chen, Chair Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve Friendswp@gmail.com or James Hart, Department of Engineering Jhart@schenectadyny.gov 



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